SFG's Return to Work & Business' Initiatives: One Stop Resource for Getting Back to Normal

SFG's Return to Work provides solutions for getting together again.

Accessible tools that introduce individual accountability while providing data and resources to enterprises. Help for organizations to create responsible policies, manage liability, and protect customers, employees, vendors and visitors with our resources.

- Safentri App

- Access to Testing

- PPE Resources

- Sanitation Solutions


Manage Customer, Staff, Vendor and Visitor Access with a Single Solution

Safentri App

Manage Resources Including Policies Procedures, Surveys, Questionnaires and Diagnostics.

Aggregates Testing and Reporting/Uploading of Results

Provide Digital Validation to Review, Approve, or Reject a User

Awareness Training to Online Education and Training Courses

Receive Instant Alerts Through Push, Text, or Email

Has Comprehensive Dashboard that Track Data Points and Control Risk

Secure System that Manage User Roles and Encrypt Data

Use of Scalable to Provide On Demand Horizontal Scaling

Our partner: Hall Booth Smith, P.C.

A national law firm recognized as a leader in Employment Practice, Legal Compliance, Labor Management Relations, Data Privacy, Security, Professional Liability and Insurance law. HBS is available to help navigate the evolving COVID-19 regulatory, compliance and legal landscape.

Access to Testing

  • CareStart Covid-19 Rapid Antigen Test requiring no machine
  • Mobile Detect Bio BCC 19 Test
  • At Home DCR Saliva Test
  • And depending upon needs, we can source others for you

Lighting & Sanitation Supplies

SFG Return to Work & Business provides/offers...

  • lighting solutions to kill molds and viruses
  • sanitation supplies
Businessmen and businesswoman talking at desktop vector illustration. Online training, distance learning, e-learning. Online courses concept. Can be used for landing pages, presentations, layouts

Sourcing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

SFG Return to Work & Business can supply many types of PPE products on a a regular basis. This includes...
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Gowns
  • Face Guards

SFG Return to Work & Business – 3 takeaways

COVID has changed how we work, travel and play. 

  1. Change is GUARANTEED – SFG Return to Work & Business’  Safentri App and platform quickly and inexpensively adapts as new solutions, standards and regulations evolve into use.
  2. Solutions are needed NOW – SFG Return to Work & Business rapidly deploys comprehensive, customizable protection for people and a hedge of legal protection for companies.
  3. Cost is ALWAYS a factor – SFG Return to Work & Business' Safentri App is a low-cost, month-to-month model provides a predictable, no risk solution that can expand, contract or turn off on demand.
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