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We do this by sourcing, vetting, and performing due diligence on solutions for COVID Response Teams globally, so they can reach for them with confidence as they develop their medical protocols & operational workflows to create health & safety workflows.
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Screen, Test, & Protect to Safely Manage Employee, Customer, Vendor, Athlete, and Visitor Access with our Bundled Solutions Outlined Below

COVID-19 Testing is an Essential Component of Any Return-To-Work Strategy

Access to Point of Care Testing Solutions

MobileDetect Covid-19 Testing Technology & Solution - (RT-LAMP)

• Now Approved for Saliva as well as Nasal •

A new COVID testing technology and solution that can help us turn the corner on this pandemic.

A major part of the challenge that our country & the world is confronted with right now is having a COVID test that is highly sensitive, accurate, inexpensive AND gives a rapid result. Antigen testing has a higher than desirable false negative rate and PCR is too expensive with turnaround times that are simply too long to help us stop the spread of the virus.  With PCR results typically taking 2-5 days or more, an individual can easily be infected (multiple times) in the time between their test and the result being delivered leading to a false sense of security and making it counterproductive to test in this way.  Individuals can unknowingly become "super-spreaders” as they may be positive, but go about their normal activity for a few days while awaiting their results.

This new type of molecular testing uses LAMP (Loop Mediated Isothermal Amplification) technology, which is simply a different DNA amplification process than PCR but with very similar sensitivity (98%).
* This is a molecular test and is billed the same as a PCR test

The key advantages of LAMP Technology over PCR or Antigen are:

  • Performed with a simple, inexpensive thermo heater and designated as moderately complex by the FDA, so does not need to be performed in a high complexity lab
  • A 30 minute turnaround time can stop the spread of the virus (can run 8, 32 or 96 tests at a time depending on the size of thermo heater chosen)
  • Costs are 50-20% of PCR depending on volume
  • Training is simple and can be accomplished online
  • Is 100% made in the USA eliminating many of the supply chain issues other tests are confronted with
  • At the lowest viral load levels, LAMP technology has been shown to be 100-fold more sensitive than PCR making it more protective of public health

Prices Range from $44 per test kit to as low as $16 with volume.


Sienna Antigen Rapid Test Cassette (Nasopharyngeal Swab)

A rapid test for the qualitative detection of Novel Coronavirus SARS-Cov-2 antigen in Nasopharyngeal swab.

The COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test is a rapid chromatographic immunoassay for the qualitative detection of COVID-19 antigen in Nasopharyngeal swab. The identification is based on the monoclonal antibodies specific for the Nucleocapsid protein of SARS-Cov-2. It is intended to aid in the rapid diagnosis of COVID-19 infections.


Prices range from $10.50 - $7.75 depending upon volume

Sienna - CoviBlock - Covid-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Antibody Test

The Sienna Antibody test is highly sensitive and specific for IgG and IgM antibodies. The test is CLIA waived, EUA Authorized and manufactured in Finland. (Sales Sheet and IFU coming soon).

An antibody test is a screening for antibodies in your blood. Your body makes these antibodies when it fights an infection, like COVID-19. You may also hear it called a serology test. This same thing happens when you get a vaccine. A small amount of a virus is introduced into your body, and your body creates antibodies to fight the new disease. That’s how you build immunity to a virus.

The antibody test isn’t checking for the virus itself. Instead, it looks to see whether your immune system - your body’s defense against illness - has responded to the infection.

"The Sienna test targets the Spike protein.  We have already tested with patients for Pfizer and Moderna – both patient groups show positive for IgG + IgG – after about 1.5 to 2 weeks post vaccination." - Sienna Lab Team

  • 100% Manufactured in Finland - no components from China, ISO certified for medical device manufacturers, EC Full Quality Assurance System certified, CE 

  • Accurate - meets all FDA performance thresholds for accuracy, independently validated at the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research 

  • Large Factory Capacity - 15 million/month, average order delivery 7 business days, production capacity increasing further with South Carolina assembly facility coming online shortly.

  • Scandinavian User Experience - simple to use and easy to read result / each kit is fully self-contained and comes with an individual buffer solution, lancet, capillary dropper, alcohol swab

In addition:

  • Akkad Holdings Global/Seroclinix is main US Distributor  
  • Strong clinical performance 
  • Targets the spike protein - primary antibody produced from Covid-19 vaccination
  • Received FDA EUA - July 13th - see attached letter 
  • Received full CLIA Waiver - Jan 5th
  • CE Approved 
  • Official GSA Listing 
  • Good quantities available to ship immediately and can do large production deals

Prices are from $8.50 - $6.75 based upon volume


SFG has Partnered with PathGroup to provide any business, event or organization with a leading lab to handle all your testing needs:



With over 50 years of experience as a provider of laboratory and professional pathology services and a comprehensive, state-of-the-art clinical, anatomic, and molecular pathology laboratory, PathGroup is uniquely equipped to offer SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) testing to your organization.

Currently operating in 25 states with over 100 hospital facilities and over 15,000 physician clients, PathGroup has been a leading provider of COVID-19 testing since the pandemic began in March 2020. They have extensive experience providing testing for all types of clients, including state and local health departments, K-12 schools, universities, employers, urgent care clinics, senior living facilities, hospitals, and physician offices and practices. PathGroup has conducted large-scale population testing and ongoing screening and symptomatic testing at many of these locations and can provide on-site registration and collection support if needed.

Creating Well Buildings & Workplaces Using Air Guardian & Illumipure

We’ve deployed a game-changing solution we categorize as “Purification through Illumination and Air (see PDF)."

It’s THE affordable way to reopen and save businesses and schools everywhere, sanitizing surfaces with safe lighting and cleansing the air of COVID-19 and recycling purified air (in fact, all pathogens) every 11 minutes.

  • It’s a proven (and patented) LED lighting system that is 100% safe around people
  • Small fans (our “Clean Box” technology) lives inside standard lighting fixtures killing airborne COVID-19 with an oxidation process AND using UVC light with people in the room. COVID is killed in 22 seconds or less.
  • Greater than 99.9% effective
  • Financing package that converts Capital Expense to an Operating Expense
  • FDA Facility # 10077990
  • FDA Medical Device Classification Device Class 1 Listing #D420497
  • IllumiPure EPA Establishment Number 98105-TX-1
  • Made in the USA
  • GSA – Government Contact Approved





If you are interested, we’d love to talk with your facilities team and do a deeper dive.

We have a brief presentation and a horrifyingly boring white paper that explains the science.

This is "the ticket" to making people safe when returning to work & school.

Sourcing PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) & Testing / Vaccine Supplies

We can supply many types of PPE products as well as Testing and Vaccine Supplies. This includes...

  • Masks
  • Gloves: Medical Grade
  • Gowns
  • Face Guards
  • Syringes & Needles (See PDF) - One Example; Others Upon Request

Contact us to discuss details of your needs.


Your one-stop Resource for Covid-19 Testing, Vaccine and Screening Software.

Executing your Vaccine and Testing Digital Passport for Safe Entry.

Agnostic software platform bundles with any type of test.

Rapid Antibody
Rapid Antigen

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Establish your healthy baseline, organize prescriptions and documents, utilize telehealth services, and verify ID at any encounter.

Virified App
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Future-Proofed Technology
Built On A HIPAA Compliant Backend


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Member App Access

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(2) IR Thermometers

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Facial Recognition +
IR Thermometer

Our 3 Takeaways

COVID has changed how we work, travel, play & live.

Return To Work & Business

1. Change is GUARANTEED
SFG can help Employers get their Employees Safely Back to Work, Businesses Reopen, Schools open Safely and Events Return.

2. Solutions are needed NOW
SFG rapidly can deploy comprehensive, customizable solutions.

3. Cost is ALWAYS a factor
SFG can provide cost-effective Testing, PPE, Lab Services and a unique App & Software platform.

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